What is Art?

Art is a sublime mode of communication, a spiritual bridge between its creator and its
audience; the most intuitive and natural connection possible. This connection
however unlike any other; is not a conscious one, it’s at subconscious level. The true
beauty of an artistic creation is that neither the creator nor the audience is
consciously aware of the veracity and nature this relationship.

An artist does not know exactly what he’s communicating through his art and the
audience does not exactly know what she’s absorbing.  The reason is because at the
time of creation, the artist is not in his right state of mind per say; he’s in state of
trance and unaware of his conscious being; and levitated from his mundane
existence; embarked on a journey into abyss of infinite unknowns of his psyche. This
is the most inspiring mental state humans may ever achieve because at this state,
the artist is liberated from all her presuppositions and confinements and capable of
revealing her shadow, the persona artists do not fully comprehend or aware of its
existence. What is emanated from an artist and what is discerned by the audience is
true meaning of art; the delightful process of subconscious discoveries is what
makes art genuine, fascinating and unique.

Art is created only when artist is possessed by forces unknown to him.
Consciousness is the nemesis of art. The conscious urge and effort to create art is
only the beginning of the magnificent journey of an artist into eerie labyrinth of his
spirit where he may or may not find the treasure chest of artistry he is anxiously
looking for.  

The form of art is only a conduit, a device, a tangible exterior utilized to unveil
unconsciousness and make it discernable by consciousness. The manifestation of
artistic creation, the form, the appearance of art is not the essence of art by itself, it’s
a façade that masks the true meaning of art. The more an artist is integrated with her
inner being, the more the veneer of her creation reflects the crux of her inner soul
and the essence of her message. The more an artist consciously creates, the more
she reflects her conscious being and suppress her shadow and inevitably distance
herself from being who she really is.

The artistic creation of full consciousness is more of a statement than art as beautiful
as it maybe because its influenced/tainted by consciousness.

Artistic creation cannot be taught or learned; technics of such creation may.  
At the more palpable level, art is an exchanged sentiment between two human
beings, a portal that connects two souls. As inspiring and as magnificent as this
human connection is; art is capable of achieving more than connection of its creator
and audience. Art is reflective of the collective unconsciousness of a nation in an
era. Since in its purest form; art itself is a product of collective unconsciousness
communicated through psyche of an artist. This is the beauty, the power and the
universality of art.