Guns and consciousness
In memory of victims of elementary school massacre

What the hell is wrong with us
Fallen in love with our guns?
A sadistic obsession with an outdated right
“Of the people to bear arms”
Written two centuries ago
“A well regulated Militia,
To secure a free State.”
Is that why Americans worship guns?
When was the last time  
People deterred the tyranny of their government
Formed Militia with guns in their hands?

Are guns legal for purpose of hunting?
How many rounds of ammunition
Shot from a semi-automatic is needed
For a prancing deer to fall and die?

It’s not about our security, liberty or constitution
We suffer from inferiority complex and arrogance
A severe case of macho attitude,
We like to live in wild wild West!

Violence is deep rooted in our psyche,
Is constantly glorified in our living rooms every night
Rogue justice is praised, anti-heroes admired,
By all sorts of vicious games and Hollywood crap,
Our Pup Culture is to blame.

Gun manufacturers are profiteers
Filmmakers, song writers too
Politicians all have strings attached.
NRA and pundits lurking at FOX
All accomplices in gun related crimes.

How come no one in corporate media
Dares to rise above the fray
Ask why so much senseless bloodshed
In the name of freedom?
Morality of a nation is on the brink of collapse.

Add to this shenanigan
A broken health care system
Lack of budget for mental care
20 percent of population affected
Yet, ignored every day.

Dystopia is in the making, stage is set
For a young anti-hero, a Joker of the sort
A demented villain empowered by firearms
Lethal blend of delusion and bullets
Snaps into action, to take charge.
In a matter of minutes
Tragedy is in sight, carnage everywhere.

The blood of our children
Stains on our conscience
Our fallen angels wallowed in vain.