Death of Light

      “The spectacular and historic event we are about to witness in sky,
although is a once in a life time display, will not affect our lives in a
meaningful way. Human race is technologically far more advanced to be
concerned with minor alteration. Life will go on as usual.” A prominent
astrophysicist explained the upcoming cosmetic change on a major news
network. His belief was shared by fellow religious, political and civic leader
on the panel.

Although the political scandals, blockbuster movies and sport remained
the center of attention of the television viewers, the public was routinely
updated on the upcoming aesthetic modification in the sky.  Millions were
anxiously waiting to watch the celestial spectacle for months. What was
going to happen in sky was turned into a free show to the public, a
memorable event they were lucky to witness in their lifetime.
Finally the long awaited night arrived and millions of people went outside
the homes to witness and millions more across the globe tuned in to
watch the exhibit on social media on live television. Some drove to parks
and open areas as they would for a national parade, a carnival or to see
the Independence Day fireworks with their cameras ready to record the
unprecedented event. The local weather forecast was the only gloomy
aspect of the night. “The clouds may obstruct the view in some areas,”
meteorologist predicted.

When the night fell, sky was tarnished by thick clouds. The chatter
hovered over some disappointed spectators yet they chose to stay put
and not to let the unfortunate haze ruin their pleasant evening.
A calm breeze gently caressed the sky and swept the massive clouds
away before the dazzled eyes of anxious audience like a silk curtain in
theaters. The infinite stage was set on a backdrop of darkness. The
cheerful spectators gave an enthusiastic applause in stupor when the
shiny crescent finally appeared in the heavens. The solo performer of the
night innocently coiled her dazzling torso on stage like a timid young
celibate given to an intoxicated wild beast on her wedding night.
The fragile virgin was aloof on spotlight, the shimmering light emanating
by her own soul. The rowdy audience wildly applauded the performer to
get the main attraction started. The shiny crescent was silent on stage
under the intense gaze of millions as she performed her last act as
captivating as expected. She quietly wept in solitude and its glittering
tears fell from sky like the shattered crystals of chandelier and the jewels
of light rained over the enchanted audience.

A wisp of her tantalizing hair depleted into strands of glistering silver and
trickled down to earth. She recited her own elegy before millions of dazed
spectators and with every drop of her sparkling tears fading in darkness
the world plunged deeper and deeper into abyss. Her fragile torso shrunk
thinner by the minute until she disintegrated into radiant particles and her
glowing pieces vanished in universe.

When her elegant beauty shattered in pieces and she withered in the
haze of oblivion the audience gave a standing ovation for her grand
finale. The show ended and people morphed into the long ominous
shadows stretched across the universe. The Murmuring phantoms of the
earth wickedly schlepped through the dark mazes to lurk in their haunted
dwellings with a pale reminiscence of the beauty and the light.