Best Buy

  “Do you see that old hag at the end of the aisle?” Israel

  “Which one?” Jacob whispered back.

  “How many old women do you see at the end of the aisle?”  

  “The one who’s looking at laptop computers with her
husband?” Jacob asked.

  “No dummy, the one with the little girl.” Israel responded.

  “Yeah, what about her?”

  “Do you see the big bag she carries?”

  “Yeah, so?”

  “She’s perfect.” Israel said.

  “Perfect for what? What the hell are you talking about man?”

   “To get us the X-box 360 with 250 GB console.”

  “You’re not making sense man.” Jacob asked.

  “An old lady with an innocent face and a huge hand bag, the
perfect combination to pull off a petty crime.”

   “What’re you up to now?”

   “We plant the game in her purse and she’ll carry it out of
store for us.”

  “You don’t even play computer games? Why would be
interested in stealing one?

  “I’m in it for the rush my man.”  

  “You must be out of your mind. How do we stick it in her

  “I looked at her purse. It’s unzipped and wide open like a
hungry mouth to gobble an expensive video game. She’s a
natural accomplice.” Israel smirked.

  “I don’t know man.” Jacob shook his head.

  “There’s no risk involved, this scheme works like a charm”

  “That’s nuts even by your standards. What if she gets

  “Then she learns her lesson not to steal anymore. I guaranty
you nothing happens. They’d never suspect an old lady like her.
Besides, who cares if she gets caught? Do you think they’ll call
the cops on her? She must be eighty years old for crying out
loud. She looks like your Grandmother, God bless her soul”
Israel grinned.

  ”It’s not going to work. The electronic gadget on the package
sets off the alarm at the door.”
  “No it won’t.”

  “How do you know?” Jacob shrieked.

  “Because I already checked, the X-box doesn’t have a security
device on it. They don’t install theft prevention devices on large
packages. They assume no one would walk out of store with a
large box under his arm? I’ve thought of everything.”

  “Are you sure?” Jacob asked.

  “We’ll find out soon enough. Besides, what do we have to

   “How do we plant an X-box in her purse?”

  “Delicately my friend, with finesse.”

  “I… I can’t do it.” Jacob said.

  “I do it myself.   Just watch and learn my gullible friend.”  


  “Those two punks,” Mr. Collins pointed at Israel and Jacob,”
they’re up to something. I can sense it.” The store manager said
to his assistance.

  “We don’t want punks like these hang around here. They hurt
our sales, especially around holiday time. I walk by them a few
times to let them know we’re on to them.” His assistant Roger

   “No, no, I like to catch them red handed. Let’s wait a little. I
bet they’re going pull a trick on us.” Mr. Collins said.

  “Most of our items have the buzzer on them.” His assistant

  “No, they’re not that stupid to walk off with merchandise. They
know they’ll get caught. You see that old lady on aisle four? I bet
you they’re going to sneak the merchandise in her purse and let
her do their dirty work for them.” Mr. Collins pensively shook his
   “How could we catch them then?” Roger asked.

  “Is the surveillance camera working on aisle four?”


  “Are you sure?”

  “Yes Sir.”

  “Then, don’t scare them away. Let them pull their stunt. I’ll
catch them in the parking lot and with the video footage we can
send them to jail today.”

  “You Sir have a criminal mind.” Roger said.

  “Twenty five years in retail sales made me the Devil I am. That’
s why I’m the boss.”  Mr. Collins boasted, “Just make sure right
after I go out after them you call the police.”


  “Where are we going today Nana?” The young girl asked. ”Let’
s go to the park.”

  “No, let’s do something different today.  Maybe we can go to
stores and browse for a while and then we’ll have an Ice-cream
my dear.”

  “Shopping, shopping where?”

  “I don’t know, where ever you like, but just to browse.”

  “Let’s go to Best Buy?” Katy giggled.

  “What kind of stuff do they sell dear?”        

   “Best Buy is an electronic store. They sell Televisions and
computers Grandma.”

  “I see.” Her grandma smiled.  

  “They have all kinds of cool stuff. There’s a game called X-box
360. I wish I had one.” The young girl said.

  “Unfortunately they’re too expensive for my tight budget my
dear. Who knows maybe one day I get you one of those.”

  “What’s happening to you today Grandma? You never go to
store? Why all of a sudden you decided to go to Best Buy?”        

  “I like to see the cool stuff you always talk about. You can play
with computer games while I look around.”

  “What’s up with this huge purse? You don’t have anything to
put in it?”  Katy said.

    “Oh my dear, I wish I had an answer for every question you

  “Wait a minute Nana; let me at least zip your hand bag.” She
was reaching the purse under her Grandmother’s arm.

  “No, no. Let it be sweetie. There is nothing in it fall off anyway.”

   “You’re too unpredictable for a Grandma.” Katy chuckled.


  At Best Buy Katy left her Grandmother to browse and walked
to the video game section of the store and sat in a booth, put on
the head set and started driving the digital car at high speed.  
Her Grandma fascinated by the latest electronics closely
examined products in every isle.  

   Israel swiftly grabbed an X-box off the shelf, quietly walked by
the old lady and delicately slipped it in her purse and rushed off.

  “Let’s get out of here. Operation X-box phase one is
complete.” Israel said to Jacob.

  The two young men raced out of the store and walked toward
the flower shop next door and waited.

  “Bingo! I told you they were going to do it. I catch these punks
when they try to snatch the X-box from the old lady’s bag in the
parking lot. You watch and when you see us all together call the
cops right away.”

  “I already called them and they spotted an officer close by. He’
s right there in the Baskin Robins waiting for me to give him the

  “Good thinking Roger.  Make sure you see all of us together
before you call the officer and not a minute too soon otherwise
we can’t prove anything. Remember out of the store we cannot
accuse anyone of shoplifting unless we can prove it.” Mr. Collins

   Mrs. Pendleton hurried to the Video game section to fetch
Katy, “let’s go dear I browsed enough for today.”

  “What did you get Nana?”

  “Shush, I’m not sure yet.” She smiled.

  “What do you mean you’re not sure Nana? Did you find
something interesting?”

  “No, someone else did it for me, it surely feels heavy.”

  “What’re you talking about Nana? You forgot to take your
medications this morning, didn’t you?”

  “Oh my goodness, I don’t remember.” Her Nana said.

  Mrs. Pendleton and Katy walked out of the store followed by
the store manager. Katy was pulling her Grandmother’s hand
toward where her car was parked.

  “Oh, look my dear, there’s a Basking Robins here too. Let’s go
have an Ice Cream.”

  They walked in the Baskin Robins. Inside the store, Mrs.
Pendleton rushed to a police officer who was sitting behind the
counter having a sandwich and said, “officer I need your help.”

  “What can I do for you Ma’am?” The officer politely

  “I think we’re being followed,” Mrs. Pendleton said.

  “Are you sure Ma’am?”

  “Yes officer, I’m scared.”

  “Don’t worry. Can you point out the person who followed you?
“  The officer inquired.

  “That man followed us out of the store.” She pointed at Mr.
Collins the store manager who was waiting outside the Ice
Cream shop by the lamp post, “he was watching me everywhere
I went inside the store.”

  “Did he say anything? Did he bother you at all?”

  “No but I don’t feel safe walking to my car alone with my

  “Well, if he didn’t disturb you, he hasn’t broken any law. I can’t
confront him but what I can do is to escort you two ladies to your

  “That would be wonderful.”

  “Enjoy your Ice-Cream and we will all leave together,” officer

  “Oh, thank you officer.”

    Ten minutes later, the police officer escorted Mrs. Pendleton
and her granddaughter to their car. She thanked the officer
profusely and drove off the parking lot. Mr. Collins, the store
manager, Israel and Jacob were all watching them flabbergasted.

  While driving on freeway back home, Mrs. Pendleton touched
her purse, glanced inside it in wonderment and said to her
granddaughter, “Thank you for being a good company. I have a
feeling you’ll get what you wished for today.”