Baby Bride*

The best day of my life was when mom bought me the
Princess Saba in her long white dress covered with
thousands of colorful tinsels. Her lush blonde hair
falling over her chest was so shiny that when I stared
at them it was like staring into the sun. Her eyes were
blue, the type that open and close. Every day I
combed her hair, I touch her breasts hoping one day
mine would grow like hers. My only wish was to
become a bride just like the Princess with blonde hair,
blue eyes, red lips and white gown.  
Princess Saba always slept in my bed. As soon as she
laid her head on the pillow, her eyes closed and she
fell asleep like a Princess as she was. She never woke
by the barking stray dogs in the streets or by the
roaring thunder. Unlike her I was scared of both
vicious dogs outside and the horrific sound of thunder
and worse than all I was so terrified of Mohsen, the
gigantic boy who lived in our neighborhood, two
streets behind us. Whenever he caught me alone in
the street, grabbed me tight, groped my entire body
and sneered, “I finally got you,” he always said. And
as soon as I burst in tears and screamed, he let go of
me and ran away.
One day that I was really had it with him, I went to my
mom sobbing, “this…, this boy…” She didn’t let me
finish, slapped me hard in the face and said, “Don’t
you ever play with boys again, do you hear me, you
stupid girl?”
But Mohsen would never leave me alone. Every
evening that I was doing my chore out of the house
buying bread, he was waiting for me in a dark street
corner to grab me. He’d never leave me alone even in
my sleep.
One night I saw him running after me. I tried to escape
but I couldn’t, my legs were tangled up and I couldn’t
run. He jumped over me, locked me in his arms and
touched me as much as he wanted. I was desperately
fighting him off me but I couldn’t release myself. I
screamed and woke in sweat. As soon as my eyes got
used to the darkness, in the other end of the
bedroom, I saw my mom was locked under my father
moaning just like me in my nightmare. Poor mom
couldn’t escape either. Maybe it wasn’t my dad
bothering her maybe it was Mohsen who was now
touching my mom. I was so scared but I kept quiet. I
wet myself but I hid under the blanket and didn’t make
a move. I was afraid he’d come back to me if he found
out I was awake.  =========Princess was still calmly
sleeping in my arms unaware of my terror. I opened
her eyes a time or two but they would close again. Oh
I hated that bastard. I wished one day that he came to
me, I’d turn into a venomous snake and bite him seven
or eight times so he turns blue, his mouth foams, he
collapses and die.        
And now a few years have passed from those days.
My breasts are growing bigger by the day and their
tips are getting harder. Lady Sakineh, the bathhouse
administrator told my mom that Mrs. Eshrat wants me
for his son. My father hasn’t seen the boy yet but he
agrees. He told my mother the other day, “our
daughter is fifteen now. It’s time for her to go to the
husband’s house. This boy is just fine, he’s from a
good family.”
My mother told me yesterday, ”God bless you dear,
you’re becoming a bride soon.”

*In Farsi Doll means Baby Bride